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“Light For The Journey”

Come and participate in this process (6 classes of 2 hours each) of redefining who you are, setting your priorities and deciding what is right for you. Guided meditations, work with chakras, Angels, crystals, coaching, and developing your intuition are just some of the techniques that are part of these classes.


The Universal Calibration Lattice Workshop

 Cutting-edge, profound, evolutionary, delightful, inspirational, healing, self-empowering, and more…a MUST for accelerated personal growth, health, and well-being.


This Workshop includes new “TOOLS” and exercises to:


  • Enhance the manifestation of desires.
  • Transform your past into a support instead of an anchor that holds you back.
  • Send and receive energy.
  • Energize bones, brain, endocrine system, chakras.
  • Give and receive an EMF (electromagnetic field) Balancing Technique® session.
  • Information about your connection to Universe/Earth through the “Lattice”.

 9:30am to 5:30pm…

$110   pre-registration required


Let’s “beef up” your Aura!!!


EMF Balancing Technique ®

Cutting-edge, profound, evolutionary, delightful, inspirational, healing, self-balancing, and more...a MUST for accelerated personal growth, health and well-being. This technique offers one of the most advanced and complete healing facilitations. Experience session and/or certification training.

To learn more about EMF ® Talks, Sessions or Training Click Here: EMF ®

To View an EMF ® Session with a Java Applet Click HERE



Relax while you experience a 5,000 year old, "hands on," healing method. In addition learn how to heal yourself and others.

For full course description Click here: Reiki 


Dream Mapping I-IV

Enjoy defining your goals and dreams as well as moving them from "dream" to reality in this 4 time,2 hour gathering/coaching. Enjoy sharing guided meditations and exercises using scrapbook materials and other "tools" to accelerate the process of delightful manifestation.


English/Spanish Tutoring (call for rates)


Other Services offered:

Guided Meditations

Distance Healing


 Spiritual Counseling

Talks: Indigo Children, Metaphysics, Complimentary healing facilitations etc.


Frances Keyes – certified Teacher/Practitioner/Intuitive Guide, combines her Life Experiences in the U.S. and Mexico as well as a wide range of courses from Reiki and EMF Balancing Technique, to martial arts, Montessori Education Training and 30 years of teaching experience with her desire to facilitate your wellbeing.



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