Channeling: the Heart Speaks


 (Channeled by Frances Keyes – 1/02/06)


“For those who choose to walk in the Fields of Grace, what would you create? What would you bring forth from the wells of your souls’ deepest desires, from the realms of your infinite selves?

 For here, NOW, is where your dreams meet reality. Not in far away place far from here, far from now!!! It is in THIS moment that the choices you have made, coupled with your creative thought and passion have aligned withal to create your new boat, your new garden.

 And if some of the seeds planted in the past have not grown and the buds bear not the fruit, be not angry. Things are not always as they seem. Be at peace and know that all is perfect in your world.”




(Channeled by Frances Keyes 11/05/05)



Dear Ones, Beloveds,


I thank you for your kind offerings. They are lovingly received. I would ask that you step up your efforts and to remember me often. Send me your greatest love and light, above all, your feelings of Peacefulness as this is sorely  missed.


Every time you feel joy, send this to me. Each time you feel gratitude send this as well, for each time that you do this, it is a gushing of assistance like the rain that nourishes your planet and makes the earth rich with abundance.


What has happened in the past, is that you have forgotten that we are intimately connected. AS GO YOU, SO GO I !!!  Just as you grow in your consciousness, so grow I with you. In the same way your bodies are changing, so is mine.


Sometimes I have what you would call, “growing pains”. I am adjusting to the new energies as you too are experiencing the same. Bear with me as I have born with you.


Let us create together, a New World!


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