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The first 14 years of my life were about survival. The world was a frightening jungle and I was a warrior, always on guard, waiting to be attacked and very alone. This anxiety brought about years of sickness, insomnia, and hyperactivity. Strangely enough, since a very young age, people would always come to me seeking advice and comfort. By the age of nine, I absolutely knew there was no way I could provide this wisdom from my limited experience in this life time, that I must have been around the block a few times.

At 14, I began to question who I was and what my own personal connection to God was. This began years of reflection and search to understand my inner world and the world around me. What I had been led to believe just didn't seem to fit with an "inner knowing" that there was far more than what was meeting MY eyes.

At age 20, having graduated from a Junior college and ready to enter University, I felt that I could no longer bear the feeling that I was spiritually dying inside. I was sure there must be something better for me in this world and that I must travel outside of the country to find "it." I decided to go first to Mexico City, stay a couple of months, then go to Europe and finally to India to find my "Guru." Off I went with $50.00 to my name, no profession, no knowledge of the Spanish language, and a tiny suitcase, very much like Mary Poppin's.

Well.....it didn't quite happen that way!

During this time I met my husband-to-be and became a Teacher in a Montessori School. I married and had two children who at ages 2 and 5 lost their father, and I, my husband. He died at 47 and I was 37. I knew I needed to make MAJOR changes and once again turned inward. This is when I pursued a conscious and intense journey to "remember who I AM."

Light Years--Teacher Training in language and Healing Facilitations-later, here I AM, enabling other brave Souls to open their hearts and to remember their own connections, especially to themselves.

rances Keyes certified Teacher/Practitioner/Intuitive Guide, combines her Life Experiences in the U.S. and Mexico as well as a wide range of courses from Reiki and EMF (Electromagnetic Field Balancing), to martial arts, Montessori Education Training and 30 years of teaching experience with her desire to facilitate your wellbeing.


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